09 fevereiro 2011

RB is giving away an F3

My friend Robert Boyer is giving away an Nikon F3.
If you want it, tell him why you need a manual focus film camera.
As far as i'm concerned, i don't want RB to give me the F3.
But i would consider to lease it.
My proposal is to have the camera for a year, shoot a 36 roll a month, pay him back with the best picture each and every month, and, a year later, give the camera to someone else who wants to do the same.
RB, this pic is yours, for free.
If you want 12 more, you must lease me the camera.

(By the way, the leasing must include a 50mm lens)

4 comentários:

Nuno Almeida disse...

Eu tenho duas fm2.

Rob disse...

Brilliant idea, Pedro, and some nice work here.

pbl disse...

Tks, Rob.

pbl disse...

E não está nenhuma à venda, Nuno?